Ray RAYDENT Studio overview

The Ray RAYDENT Studio is a resin 3D printer made by Ray, a manufacturer from South Korea. Ray is a former subsidiary of Samsung Electronics and has multiple offices overseas.

The RAYDENT Studio features LCPS (Liquid Crystal Planar Solidification) 3D printing technology. This technology uses a 405nm UV light source and an LCD panel to photopolymerize (solidify) liquid resin.

Ray RAYDENT Studio applications

Ray’s RAYDENT Studio dental 3D printer is suitable for the dental industry, more specifically for:

  • surgical guides
  • dental models
  • temporary crowns and bridges

RAYDENT Studio software

Nesting and slicing with RAYDENT Studio proprietary software orients users towards easy, fast and precise 3D printing. The software displays essential information like printing time and material usage. RAYDENT Studio software automates most features, such as nesting orientation and support structure creation, to minimize material consumption.

RAYDENT Studio price

Please contact the manufacturer to get a quote for this dental 3D printer.