Ackuretta Technologies Diplo overview

The Ackuretta Technologies Diplo is a professional-grade resin 3D printer made by Ackuretta Technologies, a manufacturer based in Taiwan.

This 3D printer targets professionals working in the dental industry. For example, it is possible to 3D print bridges, crowns, surgical guides and other dental products.

This dental 3D printer uses DLP 3D printing technology, with Ackuretta’s proprietary Multi-Optical Reflective System. Its open-material system tolerates all types of resin.

Ackuretta Technologies Diplo main features

  • Automatic calibration: avoids time-consuming manual calibration.
  • Browser-based console: users can 3D print and upload from a browser-based console.
    • Notifications: warns users if unexpected problems occur.
    • Fail-safe 3D printing: the dental 3D printer automatically saves its progress in case of power failure, to later resume where it left off.
  • Dual print area on one platform: enables users to 3D print two different objects at a time.
  • Touchscreen: this 3D printer offers a user-friendly experience with its color 7-inch touchscreen.

Ackuretta Technologies Diplo price

Contact the manufacturer to get a quote for this dental 3D printer.

Ackuretta Technologies also manufactures the Ackuray A96 and the Lazer Whizz.