Rize XRIZE overview

The Rize XRIZE is an industrial-grade, full-color desktop 3D printer made by Rize, a manufacturer from the US.

This full-color 3D printer for professionals is designed to be easy to use and safe enough for office environments. The XRIZE is suitable for a wide range of industries (aerospace, medical, automotive, etc.) and professions (engineers, designers, marketers, …).

Rize XRIZE full-color 3D printing

This professional 3D printer’s main added value is its ability to 3D print parts that are both strong and full-color. Indeed, the XRIZE is compatible with engineering-grade thermoplastics such as carbon and fiber-enforced materials.

The Rize XRIZE uses a mix of ink jetting and Rize’s Augmented Deposition technology. While extruding filament, the XRIZE selectively jets CMYK ink onto each voxel.

In addition, this color 3D printer deposits a special material– Release Ink– between the part and its support structures. Users can therefore easily and quickly remove the support material, leaving the part smooth and without need of post-processing.

Rize OneTouch software

The XRIZE comes with proprietary OneTouch slicing software. This software enables users to add textures, colors, text, and even barcodes to 3D model files.

Furthermore, with web-based RIZE CONNECT, it’s possible to launch 3D prints remotely and receive updates on the process.

Rize XRIZE price

The manufacturer starting price of the XRIZE is $55,000. Please contact Rize for more information.

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