The SISMA EVERES ZERO is a professional resin 3D printer made by SISMA, an Italian manufacturer. SISMA also manufactures powder 3D printers (MYSINT100 and MYSINT300).

This resin 3D printer uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology with a 405nm UV LED and a Full HD projector.

EVERES ZERO main features

  • Cartridge system: this DLP 3D printer works with proprietary resin cartridges. The EVERES ZERO recognizes them thanks to their RFID tags and automatically handles the loading and unloading processes.
  • Automatic alignment: to avoid error-inducing, manual intervention, this 3D printer automatically homes and levels the build plate.
  • ZTT (Zero Tilting Technology): according to SISMA, this proprietary technology enables fast and accurate 3D printing. The EVERES ZERO is able to 3D print 1 cm of layers in 6 minutes.

This professional resin 3D printer also features a non-degenerative resin vat and comes with Click & Make software.


This high-speed DLP resin 3D printer is available for around $15,800 (MSRP €13,900).

SISMA also produces the EVERES UNO. Discover more 3D printers with our 3D printer comparison engine.