QUALUP ABSolute3 overview

The SpiderBot ABSolute3 is a professional 3D printer capable of 3D printing high-performance materials such as PEEK. SpiderBot, the manufacturer, is based in France.

SpiderBot ABSolute3 APC (Adaptive Build Chamber)

This PEEK 3D printer’s build chamber is particularly interesting. Indeed, the ABSolute3 features two distinct build chambers. The first chamber is able to heat up to 70°C for standard thermoplastics, while the second chamber blasts even more heat to reach up to 220°C for PEEK.

SpiderBot calls this technology APC, which stands for Adaptive Build Chamber. The secondary build chamber is kind of like a hood that covers the 3D print. It moves up at the same time as the print bed. When using the secondary chamber, the build volume is smaller (see photos).

ABSolute3 main features

  • High-temperature extruder: the extruder is able to reach up to 500°C and features liquid cooling. A dual extruder is available on demand.
  • Removable heated print bed: able to heat up to 220°C (or 250°C, optionally).
  • HotAir heater: pressurizes the build chamber and provides an air cushion for smoother 3D printing.
  • Modular design: enables users to adapt and tinker their 3D printer according to their needs and specific 3D prints. Its components are all easily removable.
  • Video control: a camera is located on the exterior of the 3D printer in order to allow users to watch or monitor the 3D printing process.

The ABSolute3 also features automatic calibration, to avoid time-consuming manual bed leveling. A range of different nozzles are also available (as an option), going from 0.6 to 1.2 mm.

SpiderBot ABSolute3 price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this professional PEEK 3D printer.

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