The Tornado is an affordable large volume 3D printer made by TEVO, a manufacturer based in China. The TEVO Tornado comes mostly assembled, requiring minimum assembly by the user.

This desktop 3D printer’s all-aluminum frame provides a sturdy structure. TEVO advertises smooth and precise 3D printing thanks to the Tornado’s V-slot linear guide system.

With its large build volume, the Tornado is in direct competition with the Creality CR-10. TEVO also manufactures the Flash, another large volume 3D printer.

TEVO Tornado main features

  • Insulated heated bed: heats up to 110°C in minutes, allowing for 3D printing ABS.
  • Full metal E3D Bowden-type extruder: can reach up to 260°C.
  • LCD control panel: for an easier user experience.

TEVO Tornado price

The price of the Tevo Tornado is $339. This cheap large volume 3D printer is available on Amazon.

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