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X1 (Kit) Tronxy - 3D printers
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Basic specs Price: $ 170145 €130 £19,213 ¥
Metascore -
Model X1 (Kit)
Manufacturer Tronxy
Category DIY/Kit
Technology Extrusion (FFF, FDM...)
Material PLA
Max. build size 150 × 150 × 150 mm5.91 × 5.91 × 5.91 in
Release date 2017
Country China

Tronxy X1 (Kit) review

The X1 is an affordable DIY/Kit 3D printer produced by Tronxy a Chinese manufacturer. This 3D printer is delivered as a kit to build yourself.

 X1 main features

  • Aluminium frame for more solidity and a handle to facilitate the transport
  • Supports offline 3D printing with an SD card, very convenient when you don’t have a computer.

Tronxy X1 price

The Tronxy X1 (Kit) is an affordable 3D printer at around $170 (see on GearBest).

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Tronxy X1 (Kit) tests and ratings
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X1 (Kit) Tronxy


Model X1 (Kit)
Manufacturer Tronxy
Price $ 170145 €130 £19,213 ¥
Release date 2017
Country China
Status Available
Category DIY/Kit
Technology Extrusion (FFF, FDM...)
Material PLA
Filament diameter 1.75 mm0.07 in
OS compatibility Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Generic material Yes


XY accuracy 0.012 mm0 in
Max. build size 150 × 150 × 150 mm5.91 × 5.91 × 5.91 in
Max. build volume 3.38 L
Max. print speed 130 mm5.12 in/s
Min. layer thickness 0.1 mm0.004 in


Dimensions 340 × 365 × 350 mm13.39 × 14.37 × 13.78 in
Weight 3.5 kg7.72 lb
Nozzle diameter(s) 0.4 mm0.02 in
Power input 100V-240V 5A


Heated print bed
Heated build chamber
Automatic calibration
Closed frame
Dual extruder
Independent Dual Extruder
Full color
LCD screen Yes
On-board camera
Mobile app
3D scanners
CNC mill
Electronics 3D printing
Laser engraving
Conveyor belt
Air filter
Pellet extruder


SD card Yes
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