Winbo Super Helper SH105L overview

The Super Helper SH105L is an all-in-one desktop 3D printer made by Winbo, a manufacturer based in China. The Winbo Super Helper SH105L just like the Super Helper SH155L, can be equipped with a laser engraver and cutter.

This multifunctional 3D printer comes with a specially designed handle that allows users to easily move the 3D printer if needed.

In addition, the Super Helper SH105L offers a relatively small 3D printing build size of 105 x 105 x 155 mm.  

Finally, despite the 3D printer’s energy-saving design, the extruder takes less than two minutes to heat up.

Super Helper SH105L compatible material

  • Laser engraver: leather, paper, food, wood, rubber and plastic, or objects coated with glass, ceramic, stone and also metal.
  • Laser cutting: non-metal materials such as paper, cloth and cork.

Winbo Super Helper SH105L price

The manufacturer for the basic version is around $240.