Winbo Super Helper SH155L overview

The Winbo Super Helper SH155L is a desktop 3D printer made by Winbo, a manufacturer based in China.

The Winbo Super Helper SH155L is the biggest 3D printer of the Winbo Super Helper product lineup. It is available in 8 different colors. This is a two in one 3D printer and laser engraver machine.

Super Helper SH155L compatible material

  • Laser engraver: wood, bamboo, rubber, plastics, metal, glass, paper, leather, food, etc.
  • Laser cutting: all thin, non-metallic materials such as paper, textile, leather, wood, etc.

The laser power of the engraving unit is 500 mW and works on the 405 nm wavelength. The maximum laser work area is 155 x 155 mm.

Winbo Super Helper SH155L price

This multifunctional 3D printer is available for under $300 (see on Banggood).

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