XYZprinting MfgPro220 xPF overview

The XYZPrinting MfgPro220 xPF is a professional resin 3D printer by XYZPrinting, a global 3D printer manufacturer from Taiwan.

Thanks to XYZPrinting’s partnership with Nexa3D, this resin 3D printer uses Nexa3D’s proprietary LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) technology. LSPc technology allows to 3D print up to 1 cm (in height) per minute within the 3D printer’s 16L build volume.

The XYZPrinting MfgPro 180 xPF also benefits from this technology.

XYZPrinting MfgPro220 xPF price

This professional resin 3D printer is available the manufacturer price of $19,950.

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