XYZprinting MfgPro3400 xP overview

The XYZPrinting MfgPro3400 xP is a professional resin 3D printer (SLA) made by XYZPrinting, a manufacturer based in Taiwan.

This large volume resin 3D printer uses laser SLA 3D printing technology. In order to print objects, a UV laser is hardens the liquid resin spot by spot, layer by layer.

MfgPro3400 xP main features

  • Automatic calibration and resin filling: allows for easier print setup and enhances 3D printing accuracy.
  • Rotary build platform: aims to improve tank life as well as reducing material costs.
  • Proprietary software: XYZPrinting also offers its own easy-to-use proprietary software.

XYZPrinting MfgPro3400 xP price

Please contact the manufacturer for the price of the MfgPro3400 xP resin 3D printer.

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