XYZprinting Nobel Superfine overview

The XYZPrinting Nobel Superfine is a professional desktop resin 3D printer (DLP) made by XYZPrinting, a manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Thanks to its accuracy, this resin 3D printer suits professionals in the jewelry and dentistry industries. Indeed, the Nobel Superfine can 3D print moulds, but also prototypes such as rings, tiaras, bracelets or brooches.

In addition, this high-resolution resin 3D printer is compatible with different XYZPrinting proprietary materials, including acrylic and castable resins.

At $2,699, the Nobel Superfine provides a good price-to-performance ratio for professionals.

Nobel Superfine main features

  • Automatic calibration: avoids time-consuming manual calibration.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: allows for wireless 3D printing and remote status monitoring.
  • Proprietary software: XYZPrinting provides its own proprietary software, XYZware Nobel, for the automatic generation of support structures.
  • LCD screen: for an easier user experience.

XYZPrinting Nobel Superfine price

The Nobel Superfine is available at the manufacturer price of $2,699.

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