XYZprinting PartPro100 xP overview

The XYZPrinting PartPro100 xP is a desktop resin 3D printer made by XYZPrinting, a manufacturer based in Taiwan.

This 3D printer uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing technology. In order to create 3D printed objects, an LCD screen solidifies photo-sensitive resin layer after layer.

This desktop 3D printer is able to print with several sorts of resin:

  • Rigid resins
  • Tough resins
  • Standard resins

XYZPrinting PartPro100 xP price

The manufacturer price for the PartPro100 xP 3D printer is $2,399.

XYZPrinting manufactures a wide range of 3D printers with different 3D printing technologies.