Zortrax Inventure overview

The Zortrax Inventure is a professional desktop 3D printer made by Zortrax, a well-known manufacturer based in Poland.

Zortrax Inventure features

  • Heated build chamber: the Zortrax Inventure offers a closed frame and a heated build chamber. This 3D printer is capable of 3D printing ABS and Z-ULTRAT Plus, a sturdy thermoplastic material made by Zortrax.
  • Dual extruder: the Inventure is equipped with a dual extrusion system allowing to print complex models using two different materials, or printing supports using the proprietary dissolvable material
  • Easy supports removal: The Zortrax Inventure is equipped with a quick and easy-to-use support removal system based on ultrasonic station and support material that dissolves in a water-based fluid. With the Dissolvable Support System (DSS) it is possible to 3D print intricate and complex parts.

The Zortrax 3D printers are delivered with the Z-SUITE, an efficient operating software.

Zortrax Inventure price

The Zortrac Inventure base price is 3429 euro, please contact us to get a quote.