The KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner is a 3D body scanner manufactured by Kodak and Twindom, both based in the US. This 3D body scanner aims to make starting a 3D figurines business easy and accessible for everyone. Setting up the Full Body 3D Scanner only takes about half an hour for one person alone. Kodak's 3D body scanner can 3D scan up to 14 people in one go, taking less than a second to do so. Customers then have the choice to share their 3D model through social media, or order a 3D print of themselves.

KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner main specifications

  • Requires a footprint of just over 3 cubic meters
  • Features 89 camera sensors, 25 LED projector sensors, 17 scanning poles and 16 LED light strips
  • Provides a geometric accuracy of about 1 cm

KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this 3D body scanner.