The Scanologics ScanLounge v2.5 is a 3D body scanner made by Scanologics, a manufacturer from the Netherlands. The ScanLounge comes with a PC and monitor. This 3D body scanner is portable and uses photogrammetry 3D scanning technology. Up to 40 3D scans per hour are possible in Fast Lane mode. There can be maximum two people per 3D scan, with a maximum body height of 2.05 m. The ScanLounge features 244 cameras of 8 MP each.

ScanLounge applications

  • Figurines: users can order a full-color 3D print of their 3D body scan.
  • Gaming: enables users to make themselves into a game character.
  • Workwear: thanks to accurate body measurements, users can virtually try clothing.

Scanologics ScanLounge price

This 3D body scanner is available at the manufacturer price of €55,000. Scanologics provides their professional service (which includes a webshop, unlimited previews, remote monitoring, and support) for €1,500 per month. Discover more 3D body scanners with our comparison engine.