Quasi-industrial Accuracy

iReal M3 features a basic accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, and its volumetric accuracy reach up to 0.25 mm/m. It can meet needs of capturing 3D data in quasi-industrial scenes.

Extremely High Resolution

Its resolution can reach up to 0.1 mm. It can reconstruct high-resolution geometric structures and capture fine details of edges, easily handling scanning tasks for objects over 5cm.

Strong Material Adaptability

It is capable of 3D scanning industrial parts, automotive exteriors and interiors with black and reflective surfaces. No powder is needed.

Adaptability on Dark and Light Colors

Compared to colored lasers, infrared light sources (invisible light) are absorbed relatively less when projected onto the surface of different colors. Thus, the New iReal M3, paired with infrared light, can bring a smoother and more comfortable scanning experience.

High Efficiency

The scanning rate is as high as 60 fps, which greatly improves scanning efficiency so that engineers can get high-quality 3D data quickly.