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Go!SCAN SPARK Creaform

Go!SCAN SPARK Creaform - 3D scanners
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Aniwaa Award Best 3D Scanners 2019 Best handheld 3D scanners 2019
Basic specs Price: $ 39,900
Manufacturer Creaform (see all products)
Category Handheld
Topic Handheld 3D scanners (see all articles)
Technology Structured light
Output formats 3MF, DAE, FBX, MA, OBJ, PLY, STL, TXT, WRL, X3D, X3DZ, ZPR
Max. resolution 0.2 mm
Release date 2019
Country Canada

Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK review

The Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK is a portable, handheld 3D scanner for professionals. Canada-based Creaform is specialized in manufacturing industrial-grade 3D scanners for product development and quality control applications.

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This 3D scanner is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, including CAD design, prototyping, tooling, and many more. Product designers and engineers can use the SPARK as a key tool in designing products.

With this 3D measurement tool, Creaform emphasizes on ease of use, portability, speed, accuracy, and quality.

The Go!SCAN SPARK uses white structured light technology like its two predecessors, the Go!SCAN 20 and 50.

Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK main features

  • User-friendly: according to Creaform, the Go!SCAN SPARK doesn’t require any setup and is able to 3D scan objects without any part preparation.
  • Robust hybrid tracking: Point-and-shoot, color data acquisition using geometry and/or texture and/or positioning targets.
  • VXelements: this plug-and-play 3D scanner comes with dedicated, proprietary software that includes scan-to-CAD and dimensional inspection modules. It’s also possible to use third-party software suites from Autodesk, 3D Systems, Dassault, etc.
  • Live mesh: the 3D scanner allows for optimal visualization while scanning to make sure users can see the scan progress capture the surface needed.

Other additional features:

  • VXremote (optional): users looking for an easy setup may opt for Creaform’s tablet interface for an additional cost.
  • MaxSHOT 3D (optional): this optical coordinate add-on provides enhanced accuracy and speed for larger parts.

Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK price

The Go!SCAN PARK starts at around $39,900, depending on the configuration and countries. Please contact us to get a precise quote for this professional handheld 3D scanner.

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Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK tests and ratings
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Go!SCAN SPARK Creaform


Manufacturer Creaform
Price $ 39,900
Release date 2019
Country Canada
Status Available
Category Handheld
Technology Structured light
Output formats 3MF, DAE, FBX, MA, OBJ, PLY, STL, TXT, WRL, X3D, X3DZ, ZPR
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution 0.2 mm
Max. accuracy 0.05 mm
Acquisition speed 1500000 points/s
Camera resolution
Working range 0.1 - 4 m
Scanning area (near) 390 × 390 mm
Scanning area (far)


Dimensions 89 × 114 × 346 mm
Weight 1.25 kg
Power input


Texture/Colors Yes
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printers
Built-in screen


SD card
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