The twinster 3D Body Scanner is a complete 3D body scanning solution from twinster, a company based in Austria. This 3D Body Scanner by twinster generates 3D body scans in a static way, and in only 3 seconds. Then, the software translates the measurement to the software in about 50 seconds. Customers automatically receive 10 body measurement points (chest, arms, etc.) directly on their smartphones through the twinster app. The owner of the twinster obtains over 90 measurements. This allows for precise tailor-made clothing and accurate health and body tracking. Output formats include OBJ, DAE, FBX as well as PDF and CSV.

twinster 3D Body Scanner main features

  • Anonymity: users can rest easy, as the infrared cameras only collect data from the surface of the body. The twinster doesn't take actual pictures.
  • Accuracy: the 3D Body Scanner generates very precise results thanks to static measurements. There are handles and specific positions for the feet to eliminate discrepancies.
  • Simplicity: this 3D Body Scanner doesn't require moving parts or turntables. Furthermore, the twinster team takes care of all installation and calibration steps.
  • Speed: the twinster delivers fast 3D body scanning– a complete 3D body scan only takes three seconds.
  • Mobile app: users or customers have the possibility to operate the twinster from their smartphone or tablet for self-service.
  • Software: twinster includes a software license to use the 3D Body Scanner. In addition, the software integrates a tailoring tool to tailor clothes directly on the person's avatar (3D model of the person's body).

twinster applications

Over 90 measurements in less than 2 minutes make it possible for designers and stores to link their clothes and not only tailor the clothes to the customers’ needs, but also make size and design recommendations for them. This enhances customer shopping experience, leaves frustration in shopping behind and enables stores to take advantage of digitalization. twinster's 3D Body Scanner is mainly designed for the clothing and retail industry, but can also be used for fitness tracking and health applications due to its precise measurements.

twinster 3D Body Scanner price

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