Portal Texel - 3D scanner

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Basic specs

Manufacturer Texel
Category Body scanner
Technology Structured light
Output formats OBJ, PLY, STL, VRML
Max. resolution -
Features Texture/Colors
23 753 €$ 25,79020,172 £2,840,820 ¥
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Portal review

The Texel Portal is a professional 3D body scanner made by Texel, a manufacturer based in Russia.

The Texel Portal is a great tool for the 3D scanning and 3D printing process of 3D figurines and large objects. The output 3D model is fully prepared for 3D printing on color 3D printers.

Texel Portal features

The Texel Portal uses structured light technology sensors (Intel RealSense, 3D Systems Sense, Structure Sensor, Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion) to produce full body scans from 4 sensors.

The Texel Portal is capable of producing full body scans, or 3D selfies. A human can be fully 3D scanned in color in 20 seconds. A detailed 3D model can be viewed in 1 minute, the preparation of 3D models requires 2 minutes.

  • Training and support are provided by Texel.

  • Texel can provide software customizations to meet customers’ needs (cf. their SaaS solution).

The 3D scanning volume is d = 1200 mm, h = 2200 mm.

Texel competitive advantage

Texel competitive advantage embeds their SaaS solution, which includes a CRM software for improved business performance. Texel provides a unique cloud platform which allows their clients to monetize on the digital products, which are generated in less than 3 minutes. The generated detailed 3D models are automatically published online and accessible, even from mobile devices.

Texel Portal price

The Texel Portal is a 3D body scanner perfect to create 3D figurines and capture in 3D large objects sold at $ 25,790.
Model Portal
Manufacturer Texel
Price € 23 754 ¥ 2,840,820 £ 20,172 $ 25,790
Status available
Category Body scanner
Technology Structured light
Output formats OBJ, PLY, STL, VRML
OS compatibility Windows
Max. resolution -
Max. accuracy -
Acquisition speed -
Camera resolution -
Working range -
Scanning area (near) -
Scanning area (far) -
Dimensions 2250 x 2250 x 2480 mm 88.58 x 88.58 x 97.64 in
Weight -
Power input 600W - 700W
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printer
SD card