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Model Vectra XT
Manufacturer Canfield (see all products)
Category 3D Body scanner
Topic 3D body scanning (see all articles)
Technology Photogrammetry
Output formats
Max. resolution 1.2 mm
Release date 2017
Country United States

Canfield Vectra XT review

The Vectra XT is a 3D body scanner for medical applications made by Canfield, a manufacturer from the United States.

The Vectra XT is mainly used in plastic surgery to help assess the risks and simulate the outcomes of plastic surgery interventions. The Vectra XT 3D body scanner can capture in three dimensions the face, breast, and body images in ultra-high resolution within a 3.5 milliseconds capture time.

Canfield Vectra XT features

The Canfield Vectra XT is a medical 3D imaging solution with several components:

  • a floor stand with a motorized lift to adjust for patient height
  • a Dell computer and flat panel display
  • on-board modular, intelligent flash units

To allow the manipulation of the 3D scans, the Canfield Vectra XT is delivered with several options of proprietary software, depending on the intended use:

  • VECTRA Capture Module
  • Face Sculptor®
  • Breast Sculptor®
  • Body Sculptor®
  • RBX® image processing
  • VECTRA® 3D Analysis Module
  • Mirror® PhotoFile®
  • Mirror® PhotoTools

Canfield Vectra XT price

The Canfield Vectra XT is 3D body scanner for plastic surgeons use. Contact-us to receive a free quote.

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Vectra XT Canfield


Model Vectra XT
Manufacturer Canfield
Release date 2017
Country United States
Status Available
Category 3D Body scanner
Technology Photogrammetry
Output formats
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution 1.2 mm
Max. accuracy
Acquisition speed
Camera resolution
Working range
Scanning area (near)
Scanning area (far)


Dimensions 1520 × 42 × 208 mm
Power input 110-220V AC and 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 4.0A (rms), 100-240V AC


Texture/Colors Yes
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printers
Built-in screen


SD card
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