[TC]² TC2-19R overview

The TC2 Labs TC2-19R is a mobile 3D body scanner made by TC2 Labs, a manufacturer based in the USA.

Disclaimer: We have received several user feedbacks regarding this company, some stating they never received the product even after having paid in full. Proceed with caution or contact us to obtain advice and quotes from our trusted network of partners.

The TC2 Labs TC2-19R is a mobile structure comprised of a turntable and a sensor bar. This 3D body scanner uses the structured light technology. Prices start at $7,500.

The main advantages of this 3D body scanner:
>27 seconds to capture a high accuracy scan
>17 seconds to process the scan data
>Full 360° body coverage
>Mobile (total weight of 35 kg with computer and 3D scanner, two transport cases are included in the price)

The TC2 Labs TC2-19R is equipped with a proprietary software that allows custom measurements, customizing output, and batch processing. This 3D body scanner is suited for many applications such as virtual fashion, made to measure clothing, sizing surveys, body shape analysis, health/medical and fitness, 3D printing and 3D product development.