Texel Portal overview

The Texel Portal is a professional 3D body scanner made by Texel. The Texel Portal is a great tool creation of miniature 3D figurines for example.

Texel Portal features

The Texel Portal uses the structured light technology to perform full body scans using 4 sensors (Intel RealSense, 3D Systems Sense, Structure Sensor, Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion).

The Texel Portal is capable of producing full body scans, or 3D selfies. A person can be fully 3D scanned in color in 20 seconds and a detailed 3D model can be viewed in 1 minute.

Texel Portal body scanner benefits

Texel’s competitive advantage lies in their SaaS solution, which includes a CRM software for improved business performance. Texel provides a unique cloud platform to allow users to monetize the digital products (the 3D models), which are generated in less than 3 minutes. The generated 3D models are automatically published online and accessible by end users, even from mobile devices.

Texel Portal price

The Texel Portal is a 3D body scanner perfect to create 3D figurines and capture in 3D large objects sold at around $26,000.