The 3dMDbody System is 3D scanner system made by 3dMD, a US manufacturer.

3dMD 3dMDbody System applications

This 3D body scanner was developed for applications in:
  • Healthcare: it is mainly used in digital dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and reconstructive plastic surgery.
  • Research in anthropology, biometrics, computer vision, ergonomic, human factor, product engineering, psychology, as well as others.
  • Size & Fit: assisting manufacturers and retailers with upcoming products offerings that feature customized 3D printed wearables.

3dMD 3dMDbody System features

3dMD developed its own 3D capture technology based on the integration of several camera viewpoints for fast and accurate 3D capture. 3dMD’s approach delivers high precision 3D surfaces and is often used to scan in three dimensions body parts such as the face, head, torso, limb, thorax or even the full body. The main 3dMD target customers are hospitals, clinics and research institutions. For all their 3D body scanners, 3dMF offers on-site installation, training options and ongoing customer support. This body scanner uses:
  • 9 to 22-plus modular units of 27 to 66-plus machine vision cameras
  • an industrial-grade flash system synchronized in a single capture.
The 3dMD 3dMDbody System system automatically generates a continuous 3D polygon surface mesh with a single x,y,z coordinate system from all synchronized stereo pairs. The 3dMDvultus Software automatically maps all of the color information to the mesh. This process does not requires any stitching of the images.

3dMD 3dMDbody System price

The 3dMDbody System is a 3D body scanner for use in the medical and clothing fields. Contact us to receive a free quote.