The PEEK-300 offers high temperatures at an affordable price

CreatBot’s new PEEK-300 is equipped with everything you need to print high-performance materials such as PEEK, PEI, or PEKK. It is completely up to par with what you’d expect from a PEEK 3D printer, but at a fraction of the standard prices on this market.

CreatBot PEEK-300

For the price of $10,000 the CreatBot PEEK-300 boasts:

  • Dual 500°C nozzles with liquid cooling
  • A carbon-fiber-coated print bed that heats up to 200°C
  • 120°C of constant heat within the triple-isolation chamber
  • 400°C direct annealing system for optimal interlayer adhesion

The DAS (direct annealing system) is CreatBot’s main added value on this PEEK 3D printer. It is patented and available only via CreatBot.

Direct Annealing System (DAS) from CreatBot

If a part cools down too quickly after being 3D printed, it can become brittle and break or warp. This is increasingly common the bigger a part is.

Before Annealing
Direct Annealing System CreatBot PEEK-300

Putting the part through an annealing process helps to largely reduce this risk and to make it much stronger. CreatBot has integrated their proprietary Direct Annealing System into the PEEK-300 printer.

Their system heats the part up to 400°C before slowly bringing the temperature down for safe removal of the part. This annealing process, in addition to the print chamber’s constant 120°C temperature during 3D printing, ensures optimal interlayer adhesion and part strength.

Creatbot PEEK-300: main features

Large format

It offers 300 x 300 x 400mm of build volume.

Filament detection

Avoid print failures due to jams or lack of filament.

Carbon fiber bed

200°C heated platform for perfect first layers.

High-temp nozzles

Dual 500°C hotends for multi-material prints.

Price tag

The printer provides a great price-to-performance ratio.


For an easy user experience and multi-language support.

Heated chamber

The closed chamber heats up to 120°C with triple isolation.

Dual extruder

With liquid cooling for optimal temperature control.

Material compatibility

The printer’s large range of features enable it to 3D print with many different materials:

  • Standard plastics: PLA, TPU, ABS, Nylon (PA6), PETG, PVDF
  • Engineering materials: PPSU, Nylon (PA12), Carbon fiber composites, POM, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate
  • High-performance materials: PEEK, PEKK, PEI (ULTEM), Carbon-fiber-PEEK, Glass-fiber-PEEK
Compatible materials

PEEK-300 specifications

Build volume300 x 300 x 400mm
Min. layer thickness0.04mm
Max. printing speed150mm/s
Max. nozzle temperature500°C
Max. bed temperature200°C
Max. build chamber temperature120°C
Annealing temperature400°C
XY positioning precision11μm
Z positioning precision2.5μm
Dimensions650 x 600 x 750mm