The software aims to solve common pain points faced by users, with an intuitive UI and features such as “all-in-one” model transformation and multiple project support.

In the fast-evolving world of 3D printing, the need for cutting-edge and user-friendly software has never been greater. With that in mind, INTAMSYS is stepping up to the plate with the launch of INTAMSUITE NEO, a slicing software that aims to solve many of the common pain points designers, engineers, and researchers face.

INTAMSUITE NEO is the successor to INTAMSUITE, which it will soon fully replace. In its new iteration, INTAMSUITE NEO brings with it a host of features that will enable users to simplify their workflows, so they can more easily achieve higher-quality results. INTAMSUITE NEO is compatible with all INTAMSYS 3D printers and will be delivered with the latest FUNMAT PRO 310.

Easy, At-a-glance, Print Settings

A “ribbon-style” UI, for example, which is reminiscent of CAD-style software, will provide users with a sense of familiarity to reduce the learning curve. There, all print settings, models, and studies are neatly organized in a browser tree, providing an easy, at-a-glance overview of the information users need to work quickly and efficiently.

A ‘ribbon-style’ UI provides offers users an easy overview of print settings (Source: INTAMSYS)

INTAMSUITE NEO also supports multiple projects – as well as what INTAMSYS calls an “exploratory” printing process. Inside each project, users can create different “studies”, each representing a specific print task or research project. They can then compare the results from two studies side by side, with an animation player, slider bar, and color scheme legend providing insight into the predicted outcomes of specific prints, allowing users to easily and intuitively assess the impact of different variables or conditions, such as support material or overhangs.

“The layout of INTAMSUITE NEO is top-notch, making it truly unique and user-friendly. Our team finds it super easy to use, allowing us to take full advantage of its features without any hassle,” said Nils Matt, Managing Director of 3D Druck Matt, a leading service provider of additive manufacturing production, which has experienced INTAMSUITE NEO as an end user.

“What’s really cool is that we can work on multiple projects and studies without jumping between different files for slicing and verification. And the G-code comparison feature in the parallel graphic window is a game-changer, making it a breeze to compare G-code files like never before,” he added.

INTAMSUITE NEO encourages an ‘exploratory’ print process with an innovative compare view (Source: INTAMSYS)

Taking the Guesswork Out of Slicing

Further enhancing the software’s usability is an “all-in-one” model transformation feature, with which users can easily move, rotate, and scale models. Once ready to slice, they can make use of one of the built-in print profiles and one-click slicing.

An ‘all-in-one’ model transformation feature enables users to easily move, rotate, and scale models (Source: INTAMSYS)

These profiles – each with hundreds of customizable settings – are managed under what INTAMSYS calls a “What You See Is What You Get” system, eliminating redundant or overly complicated information and only displaying information related to the printer, material, nozzle, print mode, and extruder assignment.

Several features also act to take the guesswork out of slicing. Support material is automatically recommended based on a model’s material type, with adaptive line widths automatically adjusting for thin-wall and finely featured parts. Various print modes, meanwhile, cater to diverse print strategies, enabling users to print normally, with models that are mirrored or duplicated, and much more.

A Seamless Printing Experience

By centralizing the entire printing workflow, INTAMSUITE NEO takes strides toward a seamless printing experience. Users can send print jobs to printers over a LAN network, remotely monitor prints via the dedicated INSTAMSUITE NEO, and import and export with various file formats, including CAD, STL, 3MF, and many more, opening up a wide range of possibilities in terms of both design and final prints.

 A centralized printing workflow provides a seamless experience (Source: INTAMSYS)

INTAMSUITE NEO is available completely free on INTAMSUITE NEO, where they can also find more information regarding the company’s 3D printers and 3D printing materials.