Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner and Scanatic™ Body Service

The T3GD Studio Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner and Service is a unique, self-service measurement system. It boasts a light, modular design that can quickly be installed and customized to seamlessly blend into your store environment.

Via TG3D Studio’s proprietary Cloudzet™ app, shoppers simply enter the fitting room and, after following intuitive step-by-step instructions, obtain their very own 3D body scan in a matter of seconds.

TG3D Studio Scanatic™

The process is particularly streamlined with handles-free detection, resulting in over 200 body measurements treated in only 30 seconds.

TG3D Studio Scanatic™ 360 3D body scanning: key features

Scanatic™ Body Service
The Scanatic™ Body Service software interface.

Lightweight and easy to move

Weighing about 42kg (94lbs) and with the possibility to be disassembled, the Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner can realistically be moved around from store to store.

Fast and easy in-store setup

The whole system can be set up in about 30 minutes.

Body scan in 3 seconds

Customers initiate their 3D body scan themselves, and the data is directly and safely sent to their smartphone in privacy (GDPR-compliant).

Extracted data ready in 30 seconds

A set of 200+ body measurements is used to create an interactive avatar and body profile. Manual editing is possible as well.

Scanatic™ 360 3D body scanning applications in the fashion and retail industry

Custom clothing

3D body scanning is the ideal way to upgrade and modernize custom clothing creation.

  • Accurate measurements – Automated processes put an end to human errors, while at the same time multiplying the amount of available data.
  • No need for multiple fittings – With more accuracy and more data, the odds of requiring more changes are highly reduced.
  • Faster process – As measurements are done in only 3 seconds, your customers don’t need to wait for tailors to manually measure their body figures.
TG3D Studio Scanatic integrated into a Facha tailor shop.
TG3D Studio Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner nicely integrated into Facha Customized Suit‘s retail store. Source : TG3D Studio

Ready-to-wear apparel

Standardized has never been so customized.

  • Healthier production forecasting – By utilizing body shape data about target consumers, you can enhance size grading and adapt your production accordingly.
  • Reduce return rates – With better standard sizes, return rates due to misfits can be decreased.
  • Worry-free online shopping – Customers that know their exact size will be more likely to shop online without having to order several sizes and returning what doesn’t fit.
Scanatic used at Neiwai ready-to-wear fashion store.
Ready-to-wear fashion brand Neiwai‘s Scanatic™ 3D body scanner. Source : TG3D Studio

Retail and e-commerce

Existing clothing and sizes can be integrated into the Scanatic™ SizeRec Service.

  • Optimal recommendations – Your shoppers will receive intelligent, personalized product recommendations based on their body shape and size.
  • LiveAvatar engine – 3D body scans can be turned into advanced, rigged avatars that users can move around and put in different poses for more realism.
  • Interactive shopping and virtual fittings – Customers can try clothes on without the hassle thanks to their 3D avatar. It’s also possible to add a 3D product configuration.
TG3D Studio LiveAvatar
Source 3D scan (left) and articulated avatar (right). Source : TG3D Studio

TG3D Studio Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner – TG2000-F specifications

W x D x H
1520 x 1320 x 2000 mm
(59.84  x 51.97 x 78.74 in)
(93.5 lbs)
Infrared sensors18 sets
Processing speed from 3D scan to 3D avatar and data display (may be affected by network speed)30 seconds
Amount of body measurements (customizable as needed)200+ data points
Scan accuracy (validated on still mannequins)< +/- 0.5cm
Scan area
W x D x H
900 x 590 x 2000 mm
(35.43 x 23.23 x 78.74 in)
User interface (possibility to integrate API to make your own interface)Cloudzet app (free for Android/iOS), Cloudzet Store app (free for iPad)
Measurement output formats.CSV / .XLSX / JSON (by APIs)
3D avatar output formats.OBJ / .FBX*
*LiveAvatar package subscription necessary