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The 10 best 3D body scanners in 2020

3D body scanners are very popular for fitness and healthcare applications. This guide lists the best body scanners available this year. Please contact us for more information.

What is a 3D body scanner?

3D body scanners are designed to capture your full body in 3D. The result is a 3D model (also called 3D avatar) of your exact body shape with accurate data such as body measurements, posture analysis, etc.

Originally developed for the fashion industry as fast and accurate 3D measurement solutions, 3D body scanners are now used in various other fields such as healthcare, 3D figurines and 3D photos, fitness, and entertainment.

We’ve selected some of the best body 3D scanners available and listed them here in this guide. The list focuses on 3D scanning systems that are exclusively designed for 3D body scanning (no handheld 3D scanners).


Best 3D body scanners 2020: our selection

3D body scannerCountryPrice*
[TC]² TC2-21BUnited States$30,000
3dMD 3dMDbody SystemUnited States
botspot botscan NEOGermany
Canfield Vectra XTUnited States
ESUN Display Twinlike 3D Body ScannerChina
Fit3D ProscannerUnited States$10,000
Size Stream SS20 3D Body ScannerUnited States$15,000
Telmat Industrie Symcad IIIFrance$15,900
Texel Portal MXRussia$25,000
TG3D Studio Scanatic 360 Body ScannerTaiwan$15,000
This table represents our selection of some of the best 3D body scanners available this year. They are listed by alphabetical order.

*Price: May vary over time and/or from one country to another (taxes, shipping, etc.).

Overview of the best 3D full body scanners

TC2 Labs TC2-21B

TC2 Labs TC2-21B

  • Technology: Photogrammetry
  • Price: $30,000


The TC2 Labs TC2-21B is able to scan people in 1 second and to extract data in just 9 seconds, which includes avatar creation. It comes with a changing area, and it’s possible to opt for an integrated touchscreen in order to allow for self-service.

More information: TC2 Labs TC2-21B

3dMD 3dMDbody System 3D body scanner

3dMD 3dMDbody System

  • Technology: Photogrammetry
  • Price: –


This full body 3D scanning system captures 360° captures in a matter of milliseconds. It uses a large number of machine vision cameras with an industrial-grade flash system.

According to 3dMD, the 3DMDbody System can scan up to 4 people per minute. Its software automatically generates a colored, textured mesh.

More information: 3dMD 3dMDbody System

botspot botscan NEO 3D body scanner

botspot botscan NEO

  • Technology: Photogrammetry
  • Price: –


The botscan NEO by German manufacturer botspot features a modular design and is customizable. This system uses a combination of structured light and photogrammetry to provide accurate and colored meshes.

For an easy user experience, the NEO comes with an intuitive mobile app. Its maximum scanning volume capacity is 1000 x 1000 x 2000mm.

More information: botspot botscan NEO

Canfield Vectra XT 3D body scanner

Canfield Vectra XT

  • Technology: Near-IR Structured light
  • Price: –


Canfield is a US manufacturer specialized in medical imaging systems for aesthetics and dermatology. Their Vectra XT system is designed particularly for plastic surgery.

The software that comes with it allows surgeons to show patients what their body would look like with or without surgery.

More information: Canfield Vectra XT

ESUN Display Twinlike 3D Body Scanner

ESUN Display Twinlike 3D Body Scanner

  • Technology: Photogrammetry
  • Price: –


ESUN’s 3D body scanning system is comprised of four towers that each boast four industrial cameras, two DSLR cameras, and two projectors.

It takes only two seconds to complete a full 3D body scan, and 5 minutes for data processing and 3D model generation.

More information: ESUN Display Twinlike 3D Body Scanner

The proscanner by fit 3D is a great full body 3D scanner to help people achieve weight loss.

Fit3D Proscanner

  • Technology: Structured light
  • Price: $10,000


The Fit3D Proscanner is a 3D body scanner for fitness and healthcare applications. It’s designed to provide a comprehensive wellness assessment based on a detailed 3D body capture.

This body scanning system is mainly used in gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios. The Fit3D Proscanner is able to accurately 3D scan a person in 40 seconds and to provide a posture analysis as well as a body shape wellness score.

More information: Fit3D Proscanner

Size Stream SS20 3D Body Scanner

Size Stream SS20 3D Body Scanner

  • Technology: Structured light
  • Price: $15,000


The Size Stream SS20 3D body scanner is a versatile full body measurement system, designed to capture thousands of data points to create a 3D model of a person’s body. This 3D body scanning booth is primarily designed for 3D measurement to create custom clothing.

The Size Stream body scanner can also be used for 3D printing, measurement tracking, size surveys, and healthcare and fitness applications.

More information: Size Stream SS20 3D Body Scanner



  • Technology: Near-IR Structured light
  • Price: $15,900


The SYMCAD III is made by TELMAT Industrie, a French manufacturer. This body scanning booth is specifically designed for 3D body measurement and custom fashion applications. It uses a near infrared structured light 3D scanning technology (Near-IR structured light) and is fitted with 16 sensors or more.

The TELMAT Industrie SYMCAD III can capture a whole body shape in less than 1.5 seconds. The SYMCAD III can be equipped with additional modules for hand or foot 3D scanning.

More information: TELMAT Industrie SYMCAD III

Texel Portal MX

Texel Portal MX

  • Technology: Structured light
  • Price: $25,000


Texel is a Russian manufacturer. The Texel MX can be used for the entertainment and advertising industry, for medical applications, and even as a digital fitting room.

It takes the Texel MX 30 seconds to perform a full 3D body scan, and just 60 seconds to create a digital 3D model.

More information: Texel Portal MX

TG3D Studio Scanatic 360 Body Scanner

TG3D Studio Scanatic 360 Body Scanner

  • Technology: Photogrammetry
  • Price: $15,000


The Scanatic 360 Body Scanner by TG3D is designed for the fashion industry. It is lightweight and easy to move, and can be fully integrated within a fitting room. Scans take 3 seconds, and measurement points are available in 30 seconds.

TG3D develops software and applications that are tailored for the clothing industry.

More information: TG3D Studio Scanatic 360 Body Scanner

3D body scanners applications

3D printed figurines and 3D photo

Also known as 3D selfies or 3D portraits, these miniature figurines of people are typically 3D printed from a 3D body scan. If you want to learn more about this application, you can visit our article dedicated to 3D printed figurines.

Here are a few body scanners that are designed for 3D figurines:

The 3D body scanners are often used to create 3D printed figurines as they are very fast and accurate.

Fitness and personal health

Fitness body scanners

Body scanners can be used in fitness clubs, gyms, and healthcare facilities. Fitness body scanners allow you to track the evolution of a person’s body through various 3D measurements such as body shape and posture.

Visualizing these evolutions on a 3D avatar is a strong motivational boost which can help increase gym members’ engagement and improve patient recovery processes.

Home body scanners

These 3D body scanners are consumer appliances made to monitor personal health and body shape as well as posture evolution, among other data points. Home body scanners usually have a 360° rotating platform on which the user stands.

These 3D body scanners typically work with a smartphone app acting as a personal trainer, so users can track all their data and reach their fitness goals easily.

3D body scanners are getting hot in fitness. They can help sports clubs to retain better their clients.

Fashion and made-to-measure clothing

The fashion industry was among the first to embrace 3D body scanning for several applications:

  • Fast and accurate 3D measurements
  • Made-to-measure clothing (custom clothing)
  • Highly personalized recommendations
  • Measurement surveys and anthropometric characterization
  • Virtual fitting rooms
3D body scanning is getting big on fashion as it help make custom clothes.


Healthcare and medical sectors are filled with opportunities for 3D body scanning. From monitoring body shape and posture during a pregnancy, to making custom 3D printed prosthetics and more, body scanners are increasingly used for use in the medical field.

Body scanning can also be used to accurately monitor skin recovery in the case of burns or to detect skin diseases at an early stage, thanks to specific 3D imaging systems.

3D body scanning booth can help monitor a pregnancy making sure the evolution is good.

How do 3D body scanners work?

To obtain a full body scan, the person holds a pose for a few seconds, which is the time it takes for the 3D scanner to capture images from all angles. The 3D software then reconstructs the final 3D model of the body by “stitching” all of the images together, generating a highly detailed 3D model. Models can have colors and textures depending on the type of body scanner that’s used.

During the 3D capture process, the subject can either stand on a rotating turntable facing a fixed 3D body scanner, or stand still while the sensors located all around the body scanning booth capture images from all angles.

Closed 3D body scanning booth (or body scanning cabin)

A body scanning booth is a closed cabin that is rigged with cameras or 3D scanners. These full body 3D scanners look a bit like regular fitting rooms.

Full body scanners with rotating platform or turntable

To use these body scanners, the person stands on a rotating table facing a 3D body scanner, typically a vertical unit. During the scanning process, the turntable rotates 360°, allowing the subject to be captured from all angles. The 3D model is generated once the full rotation is complete.

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