Meet the iReal 2E

The iReal 2E, a professional handheld 3D scanner, boasts a high level of scanning precision (basic accuracy up to 0.1 mm and alignment accuracy up to 0.3 mm/m), as well as a high resolution (up to 0.2 mm). It can capture 1.5 million data points per second, with a camera resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The iReal 2E also offers a large field of view (scanning area) of 580 x 550 mm with a 720-mm depth of field for smooth, efficient scanning. Its standoff distance ranges from 280 mm to 1 meter.

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TechnologyStructured light
Weight0.85 kg
Price$ 3,980
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$ 3,980

Furthermore, the low-cost scanner is equipped with standard HD color scanning modules that can meet most requirements for scanning large and medium-size objects, as well as the human body.

Overall, thanks to its cutting-edge algorithm functions, easy-to-use iReal 3D software, ergonomic design, portability, and durability, the iReal 2E has become a viable solution for 3D color measurement across a range of professional fields. It is particularly fit for body scanning, with accurate color definition, easy scanning without markers or spray, and the ability to capture difficult textures like human hair.

The iReal 2E from Scantech has all the attributes for a top-tier body 3D scanner: But the new device can be used for much more besides.

Key features

Hybrid alignment modes

The iReal 2E offers powerful alignment abilities, supporting four different alignment modes: feature, texture, marker, and mixed. The features alignment mode can be used for applications such as scanning sculptures with rich geometric features, or for scanning the human body. Texture mode is suitable for plane surfaces like walls, while marker mode can be utilized to scan a whole car or a set of castings for reverse engineering. For objects with a number of diverse textures and features (ornate furniture, for instance), the mixed mode can be used.

The iReal 2E boasts different alignment modes. Source: Scantech

Large scanning volume

The maximum resolution of the iReal 2E is 0.2 mm, and the ideal size range for scanned objects is between 0.3 and 4 meters. However, the scanner is also capable of 3D scanning smaller objects between 0.1 and 0.3 meters (if precision requirements are low), as well as much larger objects when using the marker alignment mode.

Scantech has for example successfully scanned a Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV (approximately 4.3 meters long and 1.7 meters wide) with the marker alignment mode. When scanning vehicles, Scantech obtains a global accuracy of ±1 mm (iReal’s alignment accuracy: up to 0.300 mm/m).

With the marker mode, the iReal 2E can be used to scan large objects like this SUV. Source: Scantech
The result in iReal 3D software. Source: Scantech

Color capture algorithm

Thanks to iReal 2E’s unique decoding algorithm, it has the ability to accurately capture colors. A direct scan of a colored object can be performed without the need for additional exposures to capture especially dark and light shades. This makes scanning faster and simpler for the user. Additionally, a user-friendly interface allows for simpler data post-processing, while features such as a smart color map lead to an overall smarter scanning experience.

A group of students learning about 3D scanning with the iReal 2E. Source: Scantech

Material adaptability

With the iReal 2E, high-quality point cloud data can be obtained even on tricky surfaces. Handheld scanners generally have trouble capturing surfaces that are transparent (because the projected light penetrates the surface), reflective (because the light reflects off the surface), or very dark. Scanning spray powder — which turns those tricky surfaces matt and opaque — is often required in order to obtain better point cloud data.

The iReal 2E, on the other hand, uses linear-array structured light technology with better material adaptability, boasting the ability to scan objects with strong contrasts without powder. It is also equipped to solve the longstanding problem of 3D scanning hair, particularly in darker shades.

The iReal 2E successfully captures dark hair. Source: Scantech

Mattifying spray can however be necessary with the iReal 2E for highly shiny or translucid surfaces. If such surfaces make up most of the objects you plan to scan, you might want to consider Scantech’s more industrial-grade scanners like the SIMSCAN. The SIMSCAN can capture shiny and reflective surfaces quite easily.

VCSEL, a user-friendly technology

Many handheld 3D scanner users need to perform scans in a range of environmental and lighting conditions. A 3D scanner with the ability to adapt to different environmental conditions allows designers to obtain data anytime and anywhere, without having to wait for changes in weather or setting up costly artificial lighting to adjust the conditions.

The iReal 2E, which adopts infrared VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) structured light technology, has great adaptability for different light conditions. Whether scanning an object in a luminous indoor setting, under direct sunlight outdoors, or in a very dark environment like an underground cave or basement, the iReal 2E is capable of successfully capturing 3D data. This is because the infrared VCSEL structured light technology uses narrower filters and offers better signal-to-noise performance when compared to other projection technologies.

The iReal 2E in use outdoors. Source: Scantech

When to use the iReal 2E

With its hybrid alignment modes, large scanning volume, and ability to capture different colors, textures, and materials in a range of environmental and lighting conditions, the iReal 2E positions itself as a true workhorse 3D scanner suitable for a wide range of professional uses.

Perhaps the most suitable use for the iReal 2E is body scanning, as the hardware is safe and comfortable for the scanned human subject: invisible VCSEL structured light does not flash brightly in the person’s eyes. Furthermore, the scanner is adept at capturing dark colors and smooth textures like human hair — an area where other scanners often fail. Body scanning has uses in entertainment, art, and medicine.

Infrared VCSEL technology is ideal for eye-safe body scanning. Source: Scantech
Using the iReal 2E for perfect-fit prosthetics. Source: Scantech

The iReal 2E is also a great budget option for scanning industrial parts. The Scantech device has good accuracy and data restoration ability, and offers a marker alignment mode suitable for the scanning of industrial products such as castings, bathroom fittings, and automotive parts.

Finally, the portable and non-invasive nature of the iReal 2E makes it suitable in fields like archaeology and historic preservation. Due to its excellent color and texture capture, the scanner can reliably scan large or medium-size objects like sculptures, statues, wood carvings, and building features. These captures can be used for digital archiving, 3D printed reproductions, AR/VR representations, and more.