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Amazon France $ 3,9903 411 €3,051 £450,934 ¥ France

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Basic specs

Metascore 4.1/5
Manufacturer 3D Systems
Category Professional
Technology Resin (SLA, DLP...)
Material Liquid resin
Min. layer thickness 0.03 mm0.001 in
Max. build size 43 x 27 x 150 mm1.69 x 1.06 x 5.91 in
$ 4,9004 189 €3,747 £553,778 ¥ See offers

3D Systems ProJet 1200 review

The 3D Systems ProJet 1200 is a professional desktop 3D printer made by 3D Systems, a renowned manufacturer based in the USA. 3D Systems manufactures a wide range of professional 3D printers.

3D Systems ProJet 1200 technology

This 3D printer uses the Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing technology. This 3D printing technique uses a DLP LED projector to solidify liquid resin.

ProJet 1200 applications

The ProJet 1200 can 3D print with 6 different VisiJet FTX materials. This 3D printer is ideal for jewelers, dental labs, and designers of very small detail products such as collectibles and electronic component parts.

This 3D printer can used do produce:

  • finely detailed small metal casting patterns
  • castable and pressable dental wax-ups, ideal for dental copings, bridges and veneers
  • micro-parts for concept modeling
  • micro-parts for prototyping

3D Systems ProJet 1200 price

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3D Systems ProJet 1200 tests and ratings

Source Rating
3D Hubs 4.1/5


Model ProJet 1200
Manufacturer 3D Systems
Metascore 4.1/5
Price $ 4,9004 189 €3,747 £553,778 ¥
Status Available
Category Professional
Technology Resin (SLA, DLP...)
Material Liquid resin
Filament diameter
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows
Generic material


XY accuracy 0.06 mm0.002 in
Max. build size 43 x 27 x 150 mm1.69 x 1.06 x 5.91 in
Max. build volume 0.17 L
Max. print speed
Min. layer thickness 0.03 mm0.001 in


Dimension 230 x 230 x 362 mm9.06 x 9.06 x 14.25 in
Weight 9 kg19.84 lb
Nozzle diameter(s)
Power input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A


Heated print bed
Automatic calibration
Closed frame
Dual extruder
Full color
LCD screen
On-board camera
Mobile app
3D scanner
CNC mill
Electronics 3D printing


SD card