CEL RoboxDual overview

The CEL RoboxDual (2017 version) is a professional desktop 3D printer made by CEL, a manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. CEL also refers to this 3D printer as the RBX02.

The CEL RoboxDual is the dual extruder version of the popular Robox.

The RoboxDual boasts a unique and patented dual extruder. Each nozzle is able to have a different temperature, and they swap during 3D printing thanks to a rotation system.

CEL RBX02 main features

  • Dual extruder: the two nozzles enable 3D printing with two different materials simultaneously. It’s also possible to use “QuickFill” mode; one fine nozzle (i.e. 0.3 mm) 3D prints the detailed parts, while a thicker nozzle (i.e. 0.8 mm) 3D prints the infill.
  • SmartReel filament system and auto-loading: it is very easy to insert two filament spools and get the 3D printing parameters right in an instant.
  • Closed frame and heated print bed: these elements enable the 3D printer to use demanding materials such as ABS. The print bed is made of a specific industrial-grade thermoplastic PEI composite. This material is ideal for adhesion when hot, and user-friendly when it comes to removing the finished object.
  • AutoMaker slicer: this software is an excellent proprietary solution. It makes the user experience seamless and enjoyable, even for complete beginners.
  • Set of nozzles: the RBX02 comes with different nozzle diameters (0.3, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm).

Additional features are available optionally, such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity as well as a touchscreen. An optional fume extraction system is also available to reduce particle emissions.

CEL RoboxDual price

This professional dual extruder 3D printer is available at the manufacturer price of $1,349 (check on Amazon).

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