JGAURORA A-3 Prusa i3 (Kit) overview

The A-3 Prusa i3 by JGAURORA, a Chinese manufacturer, is a DIY desktop 3D printer under $400. This 3D printer is based on the well-known original Prusa i3 model.

The low cost A-3 Prusa i3 features a heated bed, an SD card slot, an LCD screen and metal housing. The JGAURORA instructional guide and videos are a bit hard to follow, which makes its assembly difficult for beginners. When delivered, only the extruder parts are assembled. According to YouTube reviews the components for this 3D printer are not very high quality, so it is important to be careful during assembly not to break any parts.

The linear bearings on this 3D printer are not the best either, and the gantry moves independently to the heated print bed which can cause inaccuracies during 3D printing. Like many other Prusa i3 clones, the low-cost JGAURORA A-3 Prusa i3 can be customized and tweaked to obtain higher quality 3D prints.

JGAURORA A-3 Prusa i3 (Kit) price

The A-3 Prusa i3 by JGAURORA is on the entry-level market for about $370. This DIY 3D printer is available on Amazon.