MatterHackers Pulse XE overview

The MatterHackers Pulse XE is a desktop 3D printer made by MatterHackers, a manufacturer and reseller based in California, in the US.

This Nylon 3D printer comes fully assembled and is easy to set up in minutes.

It is possible to monitor the Pulse XE from a tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi thanks to the MatterControl Sync portal.

Pulse XE main features

  • Automatic calibration and leveling system: doesn’t require any manual calibration from the user.
  • Garolite heated print bed: enables to 3D print complex materials such as ABS, Bronzefill, Carbon Fiber, etc. The garolite print surface specifically helps with Nylon adhesion.
  • Motor sound dampeners: reduces noise when 3D printing.
  • Bondtech extruder: helps to prevent slipping and deformation as well as under-extrusion.
  • Filament out detector: detects if there is a filament shortage.

MatterHackers Pulse XE price

The Pulse XE 3D printer is available at the price of $1,497. This 3D printer comes with two spools of NylonX filament (80% nylon and 20% carbon fiber) and a free PrintDry filament drying system.

This 3D printer is an upgrade of the MatterHackers Pulse. Discover more desktop 3D printers with our comparison engine.