Raise3D N1 Dual overview

The Raise3D N1 Dual is a desktop 3D printer made by Raise3D, a company based in the USA. Raise3D also have offices in Shanghai (China) where they build their 3D printers. The Raise3D N1 Dual was presented during the CES 2016 at Las Vegas.

Raise3D introduced a line of three different 3D printers as a Kickstarter project which was successfully backed.

The Raise3D N1 Dual offers a closed frame, a Wifi connection and a large 7″ color touchscreen. With its heated print bed and high temperature nozzle (up to 300C°) the Raise3D N1 Dual can 3D print a large variety of 3D filaments: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PC, PVA, PETG…

The Raise3D N1 Dual is equipped with a second extruder for multi material and bi color 3D printing capabilities.

This 3D printer is no longer manufactured.