Raise3D E2CF overview

The E2CF (Carbon Fiber) is a professional carbon fiber filament 3D printer produced by Raise3D. Raise3D is a 3D printer manufacturer based in the United States. The Raise3D E2CF uses extrusion 3D printing technology and is particularly suited to print carbon-fiber-enforced filaments.

E2CF: main features

  • Carbon-fiber ready components: high-durability nozzles and high-hardness, heat-treated steel gears for better wear resistance
  • IDEX (Independent dual extruders): the two extruders can operate independently of one another along the same axis during printing to perform more advanced functions
    • Mirror mode: Prints a model and an inverse of that same model simultaneously
    • Duplication mode: Can double production capability within the same timeframe
  • Industrial PA12 CF filament: the E2CF pairs perfectly with this proprietary filament and its support material
  • Easy Swap print heads: it’s very quick and easy to switch between different print heads
  • Safety features: the E2CF boasts power loss recovery, door sensors, and more

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Raise3D E2CF price

The Raise3D E2CF is available starting from $4,499.

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