The BuildOne is an affordable desktop 3D printer by Robotic Industries, based in Portland in the United States. This 3D printer is launched on Kickstarter from May to June 2017, and is planned to start shipping in September 2017.

Robotic Industries has not yet delivered any 3D printers to their Kickstarter backers. They do still provide project updates, but the printer is not available to buy for now. Here are some guides you may also like:

The BuildOne is an almost plug-and-play (only a few bolts need to be inserted by the user) FDM 3D printer with Wi-Fi connectivity and automated bed leveling. The simple design of the BuildOne is made to last and makes it easy to add modules or repair any part.

Robotic Industries delivers affordable add-ons like a display screen or heated plate to make this 3D printer more functional.

BuildOne features and add-ons*

  • WiFi connectivity: to remotely 3D print
  • *OLED screen and panic button: makes the print status easy to check and it can be paused at any time with the panic button
  • *PEI build plate: to easily remove 3D prints
  • *Heated bed: for higher quality prints
  • *Full enclosure and carrying case: for a controlled 3D printing environment and for transporting the BuildOne 3D printer

BuildOne Price

The Robotic Industries BuildOne 3D printer is available for pre-orders at $99, while the add-ons range from $15 to $35 each.