Wematter Gravity overview

The Gravity is a professional SLS 3D printer produced by Wematter. Wematter is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Sweden.

The Gravity was released in 2019 and uses laser sintering 3D printing technology. This professional 3D printer offers a build volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm all while offering office-friendly dimensions (benchtop SLS).

It is compatible with Wematter’s proprietary black PA11 (Nylon). The company is working on developing more materials.

Gravity SLS 3D printer main features

  • Integrated powder recycling: material is recycled directly within the machine via a pneumatic system
  • Easy material handling: the powder is stored in tubes that latch onto the printer to be emptied (versus manually pouring the powder into the build area)
  • Cloud-based slicer
  • Automatic build volume optimization: parts are efficiently packed as close together as possible thanks to various stacking algorithms

Wematter Gravity price

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