xolo xube overview

The xolo xube is a volumetric 3D printer produced by xolo, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Germany. This resin 3D printer offers a build volume of 50 x 70 x 90 mm.

The xolo xube uses a volumetric 3D printing approach called “xolography”:

  1. Two parallel 405nm diode lasers pass through special lenses to generate a “lightsheet” on the transparent tank of viscous resin.
  2. The light projector emits the 3D model as sliced images onto the aforementioned lightsheet.
  3. Photoinitiators present in the resin absorb the projector’s selective light and solidify (polymerize) accordingly.
  4. As images are projected, the tank moves away from the projector to make way for more layers, so to speak.

Z resolution or layer height depends on the laser-generated lightsheet’s thickness, while XY resolution depends on the projector’s own resolution and the 3D model’s size (the bigger the object, the lower its resolution will be).

The main advantage of this technology is its speed. According to xolo, the xube can print small objects in only 20 seconds, and takes only up to 5 minutes for larger objects – within its small build volume of 50 x 70 x 90 mm.

xolo xube price

The xube isn’t available for purchase yet.

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