The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk is a handheld 3D scanner for metrology, quality control, and reverse engineering. It is marketed by ZEISS and is a rebranded version of the KSCAN20 by ScanTech. The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk uses three different laser sources and scanning modes:
  • Standard (7 red laser crosses)
  • Single line (1 red laser line)
  • Fine (5 blue laser lines)
An optional photogrammetry module is available for large-sized scans and color capture.

T-SCAN hawk main features

  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to use with an intuitive scan process
  • GOM Inspect Suite pre-installed (a 30-day free trial of the Professional Module is available)
  • Ability to scan ultra-fine details and dark/reflective surfaces as well as large-sized objects

ZEISS T-SCAN hawk price

The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk price is approximately $40,000. Discover and compare more 3D scanners with our 3D scanner comparison engine.