The FreeScan UE Pro is a more powerful version of the FreeScan UE series. Shining 3D is a leading 3D scanner OEM based in China with offices in Germany.

FreeScan UE Pro main features

  • Hybrid technology (laser and photogrammetry): The UE Pro uses laser triangulation to capture objects in 3D, but it is also equipped with built-in photogrammetry. The goal is to use markers and scale bars to greatly increase scan accuracy.
  • Multiple scanning modes: To adapt to different objects and use cases, there are several scanning modes:
    • 13 laser crosses for quick scans or large objects
    • 5 parallel laser lines to scan fine details
    • Single laser line for deep holes and pockets

Shining 3D FreeScan UE Pro price

Please contact us to receive a quote for the FreeScan UE Pro.