The mPod is a 3D body scanning booth for 3D body mapping in healthcare, made by mPort an Australian company. The mPod basically looks like a large photo booth. It requires the user to step inside, close the door and strip down to their underwear to perform a full 3D body mapping with infrared sensors.

mPort mPod features

The mPod captures thousands of data points to map the contours of the body to perform a highly accurate body mapping. Users can track the evolution of their body shape over time on the mPod online platform, along with other personal health metrics, and get personalized health reports. The mPod is also capable of providing data such as body fat composition, hip to waist ratio, and many other measurements related to the fitness. 

mPort mPod price

The mPort mPod is based on a subscription model: members pay a recurring subscription fee to access their personal data via a mobile app. The mPod is a professional body scanning booth targeting gyms, sports clubs and malls for example.