Naked is a home 3D body scanner produced by Naked, an American manufacturer. Naked is a personal body tracking solution built-in a floor standing mirror, designed to track health and body metrics and help users improve their health and wellness by visualizing body evolutions and providing health reports and recommendations to reach their fitness goals.

Naked body scanner applications

Naked is a home body scanner aiming to help users track their fitness journey in 3D. The Naked 3D body scanner is built-in a sleek floor standing mirror, designed to fit in a room. With Naked you can:
  • Track your health: the Naked body scanner allow to measure and track various body metrics, capture accurate 3D measurements, body fat percentage, weight etc.
  • Visualise your progress such as muscle growth and fat loss with the personal health reports delivered via the mobile app

Naked features

The Naked 3D body scanner includes several components:
  • A matte black aluminum frame
  • A premium-build, low-distortion mirror
  • A matte white turntable/scale

Naked body scanner price

The Naked home 3D body scanner will be shipping in november 2017 at 999$. However the Naked 3D scanner is currently available at $799.