The peel 3D peel 2 is an affordable and user-friendly portable 3D scanner by peel 3D, a Canadian manufacturer. peel 3D is a subsidiary of Creaform, a professional 3D scanner manufacturer. The peel 2 is now available as the peel 2-S with a smaller field of view to scan more intricate details and parts. It also boasts better resolution and accuracy. Creaform's more premium 3D scanners, such as the HandySCAN BLACK or Go!SCAN SPARK are available at a higher price range. This handheld 3D scanner is a follow-up to the original peel 3D scanner which we enjoyed testing and reviewing in-house (read our full review of the first peel 3D here).

peel 3D scanner vs. peel 2

The main difference between the two peel 3D scanners is that the peel 2 is able to capture colors (textures) with its three cameras, while the first peel 3D scanner (equipped with just one camera) doesn't capture colors. The peel 2 also boasts a higher resolution of 0.250 mm versus 0.500 with the original peel 3D scanner.

peel 3D scanning software

This 3D scanner comes with peel 3d's intuitive data processing software, peel 2.0. The software offers multiple functionalities, including:
  • Cleanup: users can crop out things that don't belong in the 3D scan.
  • Improve: to optimize the 3D capture.
  • Align: users can manually align meshes.
  • Export: it is possible to export 3D scans in a wide variety of formats.

peel 3D peel 2 price

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