The Scantech KSCAN20 is an industrial-grade handheld 3D scanner made by Scantech, a manufacturer based in China.

This comprehensive metrology solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, namely the automotive and aerospace sectors. It is able to 3D scan objects as small as a coin as well as large-scale objects such as cars or planes.

KSCAN20 main features

  • Two-in-one 3D scanner:
    • Standard mode R for efficiency (7 red laser crosses + 1 extra line)
    • Hyperfine mode B for higher resolution (5 blue parallel lines)
  • ScanViewer software: offers a range of functionalities including pipe measurement, hole detection, deformation detection, etc.
  • Built-in photogrammetry: improves volumetric accuracy for parts of all sizes.
  • Probing function: to capture small details such as holes.

Scantech KSCAN20 price

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