The Size Stream SS20 3D Body Scanner is a 3D body scanner made by Size Stream, a US manufacturer from North Carolina. This 3D body scanner uses 20 infrared depth sensors, present on four angles at five different heights. The Size Stream SS20 3D Body Scanner's aluminum structure is lightweight, rigid and fast to set up. Size Stream's 3D body scanners suit a number of industries, including apparel, fashion, health, fitness, and more. Applications include, among others: custom clothing, size prediction, measurement tracking, and 3D printing.

SS20 3D Body Scanner main features

  • Color 3D scans: this 3D scanner can capture colors and textures.
  • Water-tight meshes: the SS20 generates water-tight meshes.
  • Avatars: the system automatically generates avatars and can even reposition and animate them.
  • Speed: Size Stream's SS20 takes only 4 seconds to generate a 3D scan, and 30 seconds to process one.
  • Internal touchscreen: users/customers can launch 3D scans by themselves. Various languages are available (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and others).

Size Stream SS20 3D Body Scanner price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this 3D body scanner. Discover the benefits of 3D body scanning.