Proscanner Fit3D - 3D scanner

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Basic specs

Manufacturer Fit3D
Category Body scanner
Technology Structured light
Output formats -
Max. resolution -
Features -
$ 10,000 - $ 20,0007,821 £ - 15,643 £1,101,520 ¥ - 2,203,040 ¥10 000 € - 20 000 €
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Proscanner review

The Proscanner is a 3D body scanner designed for fitness body tracking by Fit3D, a manufacturer from the United States.

Fit3D Proscanner applications

The Fit3D Proscanner is destined to:

  • chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers.

  • weight loss and aesthetic clinics.

  • fitness studios, gyms, and health clubs.

This 3D body scanner is able to:

  • make 3D body scans within 40 seconds.

  • take hundreds of measurements: measurements are automatically captured from each scan including circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes.

  • give body shape wellness scores: with a proprietary body shape rating with an understanding of health based on where mass is within the body, which utilizes body shape indexes from leading universities.

  • give access to your clients to their data on any device from anywhere, including single scan reports, side by side comparisons, and an aggressive feature list. Administrators can also log in from any device to review their system usage and client data to prepare for their next appointment.

  • give a posture analysis: with an understanding of shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body from your head to your ankles.

  • give a body composition study thanks to a proprietary DXA correlated body fat percentage algorithm, as well as fat mass and lean mass breakdowns.

Fit3D Proscanner price

The Fit3D Proscanner is a 3D body scanner destined to the fitness and healthcare industries. Contact us to receive a free quote.
Model Proscanner
Manufacturer Fit3D
Price € 10 000 - € 20 000 ¥ 1,101,520 - ¥ 2,203,040 £ 7,822 - £ 15,644 $ 10,000 - $ 20,000
Status available
Category Body scanner
Technology Structured light
Output formats -
OS compatibility -
Max. resolution -
Max. accuracy -
Acquisition speed -
Camera resolution -
Working range -
Scanning area (near) -
Scanning area (far) -
Dimensions -
Weight -
Power input -
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printer
SD card