What’s the best 3D printing service in 2022?

An online 3D printing service provider can help you save time and money. It’s much cheaper to order a 3D print online rather than investing in an expensive 3D printer and learning how to use it.

Moreover, 3D printing technology still isn’t fail-safe; although the tech has made leaps and bounds over the years, a 3D printer generally requires a lot of attention and tweaking to get the settings right for each 3D printed part.

Taking into account the numerous hours it takes to 3D print an object and the number of things that can go wrong (even up to when your part is 99% 3D printed!), it’s easy to waste a whole lot of precious time.

That’s where digital manufacturing platforms swoop in: you just send them your 3D model file – or have them model it for you – and choose your preferred 3D printing method and material (plastic, wood, metal, etc.). Then, their experts make sure you quickly receive your 3D printed part on demand just the way you need it.

Now, there are hundreds of on-demand manufacturing service platforms. Our hand-picked selection of online manufacturing services is here to cut through the clutter and help you get off to the right start. We divided these services into two categories:

  • Additive manufacturing platforms (3D printing only)
  • Hybrid digital manufacturing platforms (3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, etc.)

Further on, we also mention a few peer-to-peer 3D printing services and 3D printing service comparison engines, as well as benefits and limits of ordering 3D prints online.

3D printing services vs hybrid on-demand manufacturing services

Some platforms exclusively use additive manufacturing methods (3D printing), while others can also make use of subtractive methods (e.g. CNC milling or laser cutting).

If you just want to print specific items in small quantities, like a plastic Baby Groot or a professional prototype, you’re better off choosing a 3D printing service. Subtractive methods will likely be a better choice when it comes to large series of objects.

The 11 best online 3D print services in 2022

Online 3D printing/manufacturing platforms Type* Metal 3D printing service Country of origin More information
Beamler 3D printing service Yes Netherlands Details
i.Materialise 3D printing service Yes BelgiumDetails
Kraftwurx 3D printing service Yes United States Details
Materialise OnSite 3D printing service Yes BelgiumDetails
Shapeways 3D printing service Yes United States Details
Sculpteo 3D printing service Yes France Details
FictivOn-demand manufacturing platform United States Details
3DiligentOn-demand manufacturing platform YesUnited States Details
Hubs On-demand manufacturing platform YesNetherlandsDetails
3ERP On-demand manufacturing platform YesChinaDetails
Protolabs On-demand manufacturing platform YesUnited St Details

*Type: some platforms offer 3D printing exclusively, while others feature additional manufacturing methods such as CNC milling, laser engraving/cutting, injection molding, etc.

3D printing services and on-demand manufacturing services overview

We divided these services into two categories: 3D printing services (additive manufacturing only) and on-demand digital manufacturing platforms (both additive and subtractive manufacturing methods).

3D printing services (additive manufacturing only)


By Beamler

Based in the Netherlands, Beamler is a 3D printing service that relies on a global network of additive manufacturing service providers. The site provides instant quotes and all uploaded files go through a printability check by Beamler software, which also guides users towards the most suitable AM process and materials for their parts.

Beamler specializes in 3D printing silicone, technical ceramics, composites, and metals such as Tungsten, Tungsten-Carbide, and Copper.


By i.Materialise

i.materialise offers over 20 types of prints including 3D metal printing, and a large list of compatible 3D file formats. The i.materialise platform gives you an instant 3D printing quote once you upload your 3D file. Their fulfillment rate is between 2-12 days, depending on the chosen material and method.

The company is based in Belgium but ships internationally. If you’re still unsure about what you want to print, I.materialise has a large collection of previously printed items that you can order.


By Kraftwurx
CountryUnited States

Kraftwurx has by far the largest selection materials, with a whopping amount of 85 materials to choose from. Their site is slightly difficult to navigate though, and you may find it hard to find what you are looking for. Also, Kraftwurx only supports six different 3D file types, so make sure to create or download a 3D file that they support if you choose them.

While Kraftwurx does offer 3D printing, the site is geared more towards e-commerce. You can upload your ideas and use Kraftwurx’s infrastructure to drop-ship your products.

Materialise OnSite

By Materialise OnSite

Materialise OnSite is equipped with a number of 3D printing services, including an FDM 3D printing service (fused deposition modeling), selective laser sintering (SLS), a 3D metal printing service, stereolithography (resin), and PolyJet, with over 25 materials to choose from. The website has an instant quote option, giving you your 3D printing service cost immediately.

Their lead time for shipping products is 10 days or under for almost all materials, except for vacuum casting materials for which the lead time is 15 days. The site also has a large list of 3D software for preparing files as well as a dedicated space for medical 3D printing.


By Shapeways
CountryUnited States

Shapeways is one of the largest printing services in the world. They offer SLS, Multi Jet Fusion (full-color 3D printing), PolyJet, Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), Binder Jetting, and metal 3D printing services, along with 16 different Shapeways materials to print with. Shapeways is probably the most famous 3D model printing service where you can order 3D printed parts online or use their custom 3D printing service.

If you are looking to 3D print jewelry, their printing materials even include platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and other precious metals. If you do not have 3D modeling software, you can use Shapeways’ site to order 3D models online. Their lead time is between 2 and 15 days, depending on the material.


By Sculpteo

Sculpteo, one of the market leaders, is a high resolution 3D printing service which offers 75 different material combinations to print with, including a carbon fiber 3D printing service. Their lead times can be anywhere between 2 and 21 days.

Sculpteo partnered with Staples 3D printing service in 2015 offering cheap online 3D printing, so you can also pick up your order at select production centers in France or California, US. They also have an online 3D printing store where you can buy pre-designed prints.

Note: Sculpteo features a laser cutting service as well, but we still included it in this additive manufacturing section as they are historically and mainly known for that segment.

Other notable cloud 3D printing services

While these previous 3D printing services were our choice as the best, there are a few notable mentions:

  • Fast Radius
  • Trinckle
  • Voodoo Manufacturing
  • X3D Print
  • FedEx 3D Printing

On-demand manufacturing platforms (CNC machining, laser cutting, injection molding, etc.)


By 3Diligent
CountryUnited States

3Diligent is a digital manufacturing network that can connect you with large 3D printing services, 3D fabrication services, or on-demand manufacturers that will bring your 3D concept to life. Their services include 3D printing, CNC machining, casting, and injection molding.

3Diligent will connect you with an affordable 3D printing service and will find where to 3D print something for you. They also offer strategy consulting to help your business know exactly how to use a 3D model printing service or an on-demand manufacturing service correctly.


By Hubs

Hubs (ex 3D Hubs) on-demand manufacturing partners use 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding. If you need to order 3D prints on a large scale quickly, Hubs is your one-stop-shop. They have produced over 2 million parts, shipped globally.

The site offers an instant quote for on-demand manufacturing, something that not many sites do. Their system also includes manufacturability confirmation of your 3D file, which means that they make sure that there are no issues in your final product.

Note: the 3D Hubs network was initially intended for hobbyists that had 3D printers at home. In 2018, however, the company decided to focus on professional and industrial providers only.



3ERP offers the most manufacturing possibilities with CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection molding, pressure die casting, 3D printing, sheet metal prototyping, aluminum and plastic extrusion, and surface finishing. You can also sign up for a free project review on their site.

3ERP promises to have one of the fastest turnarounds on the market because they do all their on-demand manufacturing on-site. For users looking for a 3D printing service in China, 3ERP is a great choice.


By Fictiv
CountryUnited States

Fictiv is a global manufacturing network which also includes a 3D model printing service. Fictiv has an affordable 3D printing service with 7 different materials. Other manufacturing methods they feature include CNC machining, injection molding, urethane casting, and CNC machine finishing, allowing you to produce not just 3D printed parts but also subtractive prints and beautiful finished products.

They can also connect you with a large scale 3D printing service or an on-demand manufacturing service.


By Protolabs
CountryUnited Kingdom

Protolabs is a little different in the on-demand manufacturing world because they have figured out how to reduce turn-around times drastically. Their founder used automation to make the entire process perform smoother and faster.

Protolabs offers a metal, elastomer, LSR, and plastic 3D printing service for printing prototypes and parts. They also offer injection molding, CNC machining, and CNC finishing. It is a high-quality 3D printing service with better delivery times than most other services.

Other notable digital manufacturing platforms

If you need to get something 3D printed online or you want to order 3D prints online and the companies we’ve already listed are not up to the job, check out these honorable mentions:

Peer-to-peer 3D printing services (distributed manufacturing)

Peer-to-peer 3D printing services are made up of networks of users – both hobbyists and professionals – that own a 3D printer.


Freelabster has a network of over 3,500 people who have 3D printers, making their service a little different. If you have a 3D file you want to be printed and need it quick, Freelabster is perfect. Most products ship in 48 hours and arrive quickly because you choose a printer that is close to you. The site also has an option to help you with 3D modeling, if you don’t have a 3D file yet.


Makexyz is another peer-to-peer service that connects you with local printers. The site has a little extra in that it also offers instant pricing, makes sure your project can be 3D printed (feasibility), and offers free shipping. They achieve this by having an enormous printing network and choosing someone who is closest to your town to print your 3D file.

Compare 3D printing services (comparison engines)

3D printing service comparison engines will find which platforms are suited for your project depending on your budget, material choice, manufacturing method, etc.


3DCompare offers 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, laser cutting, metal casting, urethane casting, CAD designing, and 3D scanning. Since they have such an enormous network of manufacturers, they can offer over 200 materials to choose from. The site also has customer support, instant quotes, 3D file analysis, and quality control.

Compare 3D printing services 3DCompare
The 3DCompare tool helps you order a 3D print online at the lowest possible price. Source: 3DCompare


Craftcloud is a comparison engine from All3DP. You can upload your 3D file to the site and receive an instant quote for a wide range of materials. Craftcloud will then find the best manufacturer for your item and have the item shipped to you.


Treatstock is a comparison engine with a little bit of everything else. They offer 3D printing services, a 3D printing marketplace, and can connect you to local 3D printers and service providers. The site also has a collection of free applications which you can use online to create 3D files, view them, test them, and upload them to their site.

On-demand manufacturing platforms: special mentions

Below we list a few interesting platforms that didn’t make the cut in our final selection for varying reasons.

Plethora CNC machining

Plethora does offer a beginning-to-end service, starting with your 3D file and ending with a product in your hand. However, they can only help with products that are CNC-machined. They do not yet offer additive manufacturing, but their website promises to make them one of the leading competitors.

Ponoko 3D laser cutting and engraving

This platform no longer offers 3D printing services. Ponoko does offer laser printing, cutting, and engraving. The site also offers instant quotes, same-day shipping, and cheap prices. They offer 85+ materials that you can order and cut, print, and engrave on.

Staples 3D printing service

The Staples 3D printing service is a relatively new one on the market. Staples joined up with Sculpteo to create this additive manufacturing service. Their website does not give much information regarding which materials they use or which methods of 3D printing they offer, but apparently you can find 3D printing in most Staples stores, which is very convenient.

Why choose on-demand manufacturing over in-house 3D printing?

Benefits of using a 3D printing service

Cost reduction

Although some online 3D print platforms charge a lot for their services, it’s still faster cheaper than investing in a 3D printer and all the costs that go along with it (energy, maintenance, management, materials, etc.). That said, if you need to 3D print many parts all throughout the year, you might want to produce them in-house with your own additive manufacturing system.


3D printing is still a complex technology, especially for beginners. By using an on-demand 3D printing service, you can skip the steep learning curve and reap the benefits without the hassle.


The people that operate the platforms’ 3D printers are experts, so you can rest assured that your parts will be delivered close to perfection. You don’t have to worry about print failures, layer adhesion, warping, and other issues which can be a real headache.

Material choice

The vast array of materials available for you to choose from is something that you can’t access otherwise unless you have an entire warehouse filled with different kinds of 3D printers (stereolithography, powder bed fusion, extrusion, binder jetting…) and corresponding materials.

There are so many advantages linked to externalizing 3D prints, it would be too long to list them all. The main takeaway is that– in most cases– it’s quicker, easier, and cheaper.

Of course, there are also all the advantages that 3D printing offers in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods (e.g. time-consuming and expensive injection molding), but that’s a whole other story.

Limits of ordering 3D prints online


It can cost several hundred dollars just to 3D print one small part, depending on the material and technology you want to use (especially with a 3D metal printing service). Again, it’s still cheaper than buying a $200K printer, but it’s something to keep in mind.


Ordering a 3D print-on-demand can be much quicker than producing it internally. However, if you’re making a prototype that you need to keep enhancing until its final version (which is generally the case in product design), it means you’ll have to wait whichever amount of days it takes for the provider to print and ship the newest version.


Your parts won’t necessarily be certified (e.g. ISO standards). 3D Hubs does offer some certifications, but this isn’t the case for most platforms. If you’re making parts that you need to sell (versus personal objects), think twice about this.

Hence, ordering a 3D print online isn’t always the best way to go depending on your needs and use cases.


What is a 3D printing service bureau?

A 3D printing service bureau is a company that can 3D print your files for you, without you having to buy expensive equipment.

What is distributed manufacturing?

Distributed manufacturing is when a 3D manufacturing platform takes your design and sends it to the most appropriate manufacturer- geography-wise, technology-wise, or both.

Where can I find a 3D printing service near me?

Peer-to-peer 3D printing services will find local 3D printers for you, We recommend Freelabster and Makexyz.

What’s the difference between i.Materialise and Materialise OnSite?

Materialise OnSite is geared more towards professional and industrial use cases, while i.Materialise is more adapted for hobbyists and occasional users. They are two different 3D printing services, but both under the umbrella of the Materialise Group.

Where to find a 3D printing service in India?

Anjali3D is a 3D printing service in India.

Where to find a 3D printing service in China?

3ERP is a 3D printing service in China, with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities.