What are the best large scale 3D printers?

Large-scale 3D printers have been in the spotlight for quite some time. When we say large scale, we mean it– these machines can 3D print objects of over 1 square meter. They can be used to 3D print pieces of furniture, large prototypes, or several series of smaller objects in one go.

The professional 3D printers featured in our article are basically super-sized versions of ordinary desktop 3D printers. They almost all use extrusion 3D printing technology (FFF) and work the same way as regular desktop printers.

Our “largest 3D printers” selection does not include construction 3D printers, which fit into a different category.

If these large scale 3D printers (XXL) are too big, check out our other selections:

Large scale 3D printers (XXL): 2022 selection

ProductBrandCountryBuild volumeBuild sizePrice
Approximate starting prices based on supplier-provided information and public data. Prices may vary over time and do not include additional products or services (taxes, shipping, accessories, training, installation, …).
MAMAModix Israel upon requestAsk for a quote
THE BOX LargeBLB IndustriesSweden6000 L2000 × 2000 × 1500 mm$ 298,000Ask for a quote
T3500Tractus3D Netherlands1649.34 L⌀ 1000 x 2100 mm$ 59,000Ask for a quote
400 Series WORKBENCH XTREME3D PlatformUnited States1050 L1000 × 1500 × 700 mm$ 49,999Ask for a quote
BIG-MeterModix Israel1030.3 L1010 × 1010 × 1010 mm$ 11,500Buy on Modix
BigRep ONE v4BigRepGermany1015.08 L1005 × 1005 × 1005 mm$ 30,000Ask for a quote
F1000CreatBotChina1000 L1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm$ 29,999Buy on CreatBot

Overview of the best large scale professional 3D printers

By Modix Certified partner
Build size

Modix has nicknamed their printer “Personal Car Factory”, a quick way to indicate how big the MAMA (Modular Additive Manufacturing Assembler) system really is. It’s equipped with a high-speed pellet extruder, and is also capable of 3D printing with spools of filament.

This huge FFF 3D printer isn’t available yet.

Build size2000 × 2000 × 1500 mm

This gigantic 3D printer can be used for both prototyping large parts and for end-use part production series. It uses FGF (Fused Granular Fabrication) technology, meaning that it prints with plastic pellets instead of filament.

THE BOX Large is equipped with a large touchscreen, dual extruder, and a patented vacuum build plate.

By Tractus3D Certified partner
Build size⌀ 1000 x 2100 mm

The T3500, a huge delta 3D printer, offers a massive build size that can 3D print to an exact scale of 1:1 up to 2.1 meters high.

The large-scale Tractus3D T3500 can 3D print exotic materials with its hot-end extruder capable of reaching up to 300°C. This 3D printer features a heated bed and can be equipped with an optional dual extruder.

CountryUnited States
Build size1000 × 1500 × 700 mm

This large format 3D printer with dual extrusion is customizable. Various extruders are available, and it’s possible to add an enclosure. The enclosure can be heated and/or include an air filter as well.

It’s possible to choose from two different control systems; with Wi-Fi or with Ethernet connectivity. The automatic leveling probe touches over 400 points on the print bed to ensure optimal calibration.

By Modix Certified partner
Build size1010 × 1010 × 1010 mm

The Modix BIG-Meter offers over one cubic meter of build volume. As all Modix printers do, the BIG-Meter is delivered as a self-assembly kit, which contributes to the printer’s relatively low price point.

This large scale 3D printer comes with a dual extruder (E3D Aero and E3D Volcano print heads), full automatic bed leveling (bed tile and bed mapping), a Wi-Fi controller, and a range of industrial-grade components. The print bed heats up to 120°C.

By BigRep
Build size1005 × 1005 × 1005 mm

The BigRep ONE, currently in its third generation of upgrades and updates, is one of the only large-sized 3D printers to provide independent dual extrusion (IDEX). IDEX can cut production times in half thanks to duplication or mirror modes.

The printer’s large touchscreen grants access to the webcam and allows users to resume prints even after a power outage. The filament holder is able to hold multiple spools of up to 8kg.

Build size1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm

The F1000 from CreatBot offers a full cubic meter of fully enclosed and heated (60°C) build volume. There’s also a filament chamber that can hold two spools of up to 5kg each and heat up to 45°C or 65°C.

Its dual nozzles are able to heat up to 420°C, while the print bed heats up to 100°C. Compatible materials range from standard PLA and ABS to PETG and carbon fiber-filled and flexible materials.

Special mention
Build size1300 × 2500 × 1000 mm

CNC Barcenas manufactures tailored solutions for large scale additive manufacturing. Their machines can be fitted with pellet extruders, CNC mills, and more. They have in fact previously manufactured two printers with triple the volume of their standard Super Discovery.

Compatible materials range from PLA and ABS to Polycarbonate and ASA, among others. Its extruder heats up to 450°C while the print bed heats to 175°C within the printer’s closed frame.

Special mention
Build size1200 × 1500 × 1800 mm

MASSIVit printers use the manufacturer’s proprietary GDP technology, which stands for Gel Dispensing Printing. The print head dispenses a UV-sensitive gel called Dimengel that gets solidified by a light source as it is being printed.

Hence, this printer is limited to using Dimengel only. Parts printed with MASSIVit Dimengel are translucent and generally hollow. The MASSIVit 1800 is aimed at marketing and events professionals for signage, props, and more.

Applications for large scale 3D printing

3D printing furniture

The largest 3D printers can be used to 3D print furniture in one go. This includes tables, chairs, and even bathtubs. 3D printing furniture can also generate unique, complex pieces that would be difficult to create otherwise.

Hence, customized furniture is becoming more and more accessible thanks to extra-large 3D printers.

The BigRep One is in action. Source: QMES

3D printing large prototypes

The professional large-scale 3D printers featured in our article can also be used to 3D print large prototypes. This enables businesses to test out their products before actually launching production. Industrial designers and engineers are able to perform more revisions in significantly less time.

They can test their future products extensively while at the same time reducing the production-to-market time.

3D printing production series

Large-scale 3D printers don’t have to exclusively 3D print large objects and prototypes. Their huge build platform also enables 3D printing big series of smaller objects.

Customized large scale 3D printers

There are several manufacturers that mainly offer tailored solutions rather than standardized 3D printer models. Tobeca, for instance, is a French team that builds 3D printers from scratch and is based entirely on their customers’ needs and requirements.

US-based Erectorbot also provides on-demand builds, although they do have a lineup of standard models. Then there’s Colossus, a company in Belgium that constructs 3D printers within shipping container-like structures. CNC Barcenas, a Spanish manufacturer, also offers tailored, large-scale 3D printers with a range of options to choose from.