Beeverycreative Beethefirst+ overview

The Beethefirst+ 3D printer is a desktop 3D printer made by Beeverycreative, a manufacturer from Portugal. This 3D printer is the upgraded version of the well known Beethefirst.

The Beeverycreative Beethefirst+ 3D printer is a beautifully designed, elegant and portable 3D printer for personal uses. This 3D printer has a handsome and compact frame design, is easy enough to set up and run, and showed very good print quality at high resolution. But it’s expensive for what it offers, and has a relatively small build area.

The Beeverycreative Beethefirst+ is compatible with PLA based material. Compared to its predecessor it adds a new and more powerful 3D extruder. With this upgrade the Beethefirst+ can now 3D print different types of PLA, flexible, wood or metal based for example.

This 3D printer is delivered with the BeeSoft 3D printing software, compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. The Beethefirst+ is only available in Europe for now.