Exaddon CERES overview

The CERES is a metal micro 3D printer produced by Exaddon. Exaddon is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Switzerland.

By using electrochemical deposition technology, it is able to 3D print pure metal objects at the micrometer scale with submicrometer resolution.

CERES main features

  • Compatible metal materials: Copper, Gold, Nickel, Platinum, Silver
  • Estimated max. printing volume with one filling (1 μL) of probe reservoir: 6,000,000 μm³
  • Room temperature print process
  • <1 μm positioning precision: XY ±250nm, Z ±5nm stage precision
  • Print speed up to 4 μm/s
  • Nozzle diameter: 300 nm

Exaddon CERES price

The Exaddon CERES price is over 250,000 CHF.

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